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PříspěvekNapsal: ned 29 led, 2012 1:25 pm
od gomulka
hallo my name is luka this is my layout my collections of model ho is dedicate to locomotive and coach handmade of
slovenian,croatian and another balkans state
the video
My plastic modular description-
the current size is 3x3 meters with a structure of 6 moduli.ha received a revamp last year
, leaving only the part of the original station had old layout ''museum''il more 'than twenty 'new year are the two passers-side B-side entrance and exit station, the last and' under construction at this time-
Armament and 'hoarse switches with self-built parts visibili.solo hoarse about whether old-line
represents a secondary station with four tracks and a small goods yard, depot turntable steam and calls for the coal mine-
the line and 'single-track line until deflected
towards Dalmatia and the sea with only diesel line ends station in the fantasy-shoveled
the other line leads to the Croatian border station sapjane made ​​between the real and unreal, where changes can be done at 3000V traction 25/50kv-
buildings and works of art are self-made and commercial management and and 'fully analog
setting is the 'line from the Trieste Karst in the woods that go to ljubljana Jesenice former border with Austria and the coast Dalmatian ........

Luca's train page my hompage
bye gomulka


PříspěvekNapsal: pon 06 úno, 2012 10:57 am
od gomulka
hallo i present the eletric loco ho of SZ
1 - SZ 342 the locos called''moped''8 in service asgen-italy-1968
2 - sz 363 Electric locomotives "Brigitte" built by Alsthom-France -1975 - 39 in service - my model have the livery ''adria kombi''
3 - sz 541-0 Triple-voltage locomotives by Siemens for service to Germany/Austria/- 2006 -model by roco
4 - sz 362 Electric locomotives "mehovka " based on FS class E.646 pre-series, built by Ansaldo(I)1960
(withdrawn 07/2009)
all models handmade-
the video :D

from my collection the model eletric trainsets class 311/315

PříspěvekNapsal: pát 10 úno, 2012 10:35 am
od gomulka
:D i have a very famous eletrics trainsets from polish called ''gomulka''i remember that the sz 311/315/- these trainsets until the early 90's to make a change to the service center in Trieste centrale in Italy are similar to the en-57-PKP-
Of course, relative machines ran over the Poland.
Series 311/315 sz (Gomulka)
State Manufacturer Pafawag Wroclaw in Poland
Year of construction
-1964 And 1974/75
Some units are still about 6 in the service of Slovenian Railways in local lines jesenice dobova.

my locosteam collection by gomulka

PříspěvekNapsal: čtv 16 úno, 2012 4:12 pm
od gomulka
hallo my collection of locosteam models all handmade and rebuilt j
j-z 35 roco model -
2-model museum locosteam class'' SŽ 25-026 '' kkStB class 270 ''
3 - sz 33 037 '' SZ 33-037 '' by Henschel in Germany today for historic train
the video in my layout :D

my hompage with other models and train
bye gomulka

my collections eletrics slovenian locos- ho of SZ 362

PříspěvekNapsal: pát 24 úno, 2012 2:45 pm
od gomulka
hi today i present with three video many models from my from my collection the first and the oldest the model ho handmade Electric locomotives class sz 362 based on FS(I) class E.646 pre-series, built by Ansaldo(I) (withdrawn 07/2009)
my website with other models and photos from italy-slovenja-croatia-
BYE gomulka

sleeping wagon handmade class 2-17 of tito blue train

PříspěvekNapsal: sob 03 bře, 2012 2:27 pm
od gomulka
ciao all people in this times speak of intersting new models ho of the train 294/295 D "Express Yugoslavia '' and from yugoslavia time today i present...... from my collectionn one of the jz sleeping sleeping wagon handmade class 2-17 of the train called tito’’ blue train’’GOŠA Smederevska Palanka / TVT Boris Kidrič, Maribor /pro JŽ 1959 - 1975, Titov Plavi Voz-
the history of ''plavi voz''
Plavi Voz (Serbian-Croatian for the blue train) is the popular name of the campaign was the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito His last official government travel, the train made in May 1980 as the coffin was transferred from Tito Ljubljana, via Zagreb to Belgrade Since the end of 2009, operates on the route Belgrade - Bar every day a composition with a sedan of Voz Plavi. For some groups Plavi voz included several railcars, locomotives (steam locomotives, three of which expressed the Yugoslav Series 11 - Series MAV 424, three diesel locomotives, Krauss-Maffei ML 2200 C'C 'and more recently an American series diesel locomotive 666 of General Motors - JT 22CW-2) and his motor vehicle.In addition, a composition wagon JZ MOT 410 -
the models ho of blue train-
Given that we have everything we need for the composition of the Blue train I think it is easy to assemble.
Locomotives that are the counterparts were pulled from dizelke Series 11 and Series 761 and 666, the last two have such models in H0.
my friend Milos years ago made the composition of the Blue train wagons in H0 with a set of six of these cars, including:
First SW 2-11 - power wagon
Second SW 2-15 - VIP lounge
Third SW 2-16 - Chairman Salon
4th SW 2-17 - sleeping wagon
5th SW 2-20 - car restoration
6th SW 1-17 - car for transport vehicles
Coaches are free to sell interior and painted with a light blue color, although When ordering, be emphasized
to be transparent with windows if a customer wants to be equipped with interior.
for info-
the photos of the models
Luca's train page my homepage

my diesel model class sz 664 handmade and how to build......

PříspěvekNapsal: pát 09 bře, 2012 4:55 pm
od gomulka
here is the model ho from my collection handmade class called anche''reagan sz 664. "The diesel locomotive SZ 664-1 and type Co'Co 'GM built (U.S.) in the' year 1984 is used a lot on popular linea''bohinska proga'' . 'thanks to my friend Milos
the video of my model :mrgreen:
if you look a lot of models and train
Eisenbahnseite von Luka 8)
if you have to buid the sz 664 model you have there a link for this -but is in slovenian language- ... %20664.pdf
thank's friends modelni vlaki in milos :)
bye ...ciao...gomulka.....

model ho slovenian railways class jz 361-CSDE666 REALLY

PříspěvekNapsal: stř 21 bře, 2012 3:48 pm
od gomulka
ciao from my collections i present my model eletric locomotive class jz 361 by roco with the jz cocach GOŠA Smederevska Palanka, for JŽ 1964 - 1986, UIC - Y class jz WLB, WLBl .in reallly -
.Saturday, March 18, 2012 and 'arrived in the Slovenian town Ilirska bistrica in Italian villa snowy elettricha restored the locomotive series 361-106, in simple language best known as the Breda locomotive service mark NHM 8602
Will be placed as a museum piece in the park at the train station Ilirska Bistrica, which will be open to young and old generations giovani.le older generations still remember well the locomotive called Breda traveled to Rijeka from Pivka.
The first serious discussion, that the Illyrian Bistrica brought electric locomotive series 361, in the jargon commonly identified by the name "Breda", and as a museum piece set in a park at the station, dating from the end of 2008.
complete the tourist offer of the place and organize the train station Ilirska Bistrica have a place and become more attractive and interesting.
the history of jz 361 in yugoslavija
During the interwar period was the western parts of Slovenia and western Croatia under Italian occupation. Then she ran electrification of lines between Trieste and Postojna and Rijeka and Pivko. 21st April 1936, the two electrified lines were handed over to traffic and Sat enticed them locomotive E626 series and the first electric locomotive in regular rail transport (in some mining railways, for example. in Idrija and Štolnu between Used and Log pod Mangartom, was introduced elektrovleka already much earlier) in the territory of Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. After the war, Yugoslavia fell to 17 locomotives series E626, which were re-numbered series 361st JZ In addition to the electrified sections are precisely the locomotives contributed decisively to Slovenia and Croatia initially the West (route between Zagreb and Rijeka) adopted "Italian" system, while the rest of Yugoslavia introduced a system of alternating voltage of 25 kV 50 Hz.
Locomotives were required to run on all Slovenian electrified lines, initially both passenger and freight trains. Until the arrival of other electric locomotives were the simple management of favorite among drivers, but they require a two-member crew (driver and assistant). In Slovenia there are two vehicles sublot. Sublot 363-0XX is the oldest, it contained 90 In a loud engine - generator to drive the compressor, rechargeable batteries and traction motors, cooling, electric heating is not included wagons. Somewhat later subseries 363-1xx had engine - fan - dynamo for cooling traction motors and battery charging control, the compressor through 200ohmskih resistors fed directly from the voltage 3000V. Also allow the electrical heating of the wagons. In Croatia, the vehicle is 363-2xx series, which contained a different ratio gearing, suitable
for freight traffic (21/76 instead of 24/73 in the first two subseries). Eventually, only the locomotive pulled freight trains in 1977 and 1978, were gradually withdrawn from circulation.
also Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD) has ruled that they be included due to lack of locomotives on the market as a series of SWC 666th Factory in the Czech and Nymburku Trebova the three locomotives (FS E626.017 are re-CSD 666001 E, FS E626.024 in CSD E 666 002 and FS E626.021 in CSD E 666 003), converted to DC voltage 1500V, with as it was then elektrificiranopraško railway hub. The fourth engine, FS E626.019 served as a source of spare parts. All three locomotives were the Prague hub pulled mostly freight trains since 1953, when the processing is completed, to 1961, when the Prague elektrificirali on the DC voltage of 3 kV, which was the standard around the country. Although the locomotives were originally designed just for this tension, they no longer have reprocessing and cut into scrap.
Luca's train page my hompage

fair, shows railways models gorizia-italy-2012

PříspěvekNapsal: čtv 05 dub, 2012 12:09 pm
od gomulka

hallo...i send a small video and photos of the show models trains in gorizia 1 april 2012 -italy my model was the locosteam slovenian railways sz 25026 -the slovenian pedolino ics and others....
the videos

my hompage with many models and train
ciao gomulka

EN466 / EN467 - Wiener Walzer Budapest - - Zuriich-HO

PříspěvekNapsal: stř 11 dub, 2012 3:58 pm
od gomulka
hallo to all friends present this video of EN466 / EN467 - Wiener Walzer Budapest - - Zuriich-
year 2009-2010
composition ho
Roco OBB 1116.199
LS Models WLABmz61 OBB 7070 inox
LS Models Bcmz61 OBB
Roco Bmz 2191 MAV
RailTop Bmz61 OBB
RailTop Bmz61 OBB
ACME Bbmvz61 OBB
RailTop Bcmz73 OBB
RailTop Bcmz73 OBB
LS Models WLABmz61 OBB
LS Models WLBmz61 OBB
my website
n my homepage all train lovers and enthusiasts. My name is Luca and my
interests are trains, specialy all slovene locomotives and the trains they
run in Croatia on Rijeka railway it is a part of croatian railway system
from border with Slovenia to Rijeka in Croatia, because on this track run
locomotives they are identical with some slovene electric and diesel.
bye gomulka
engines. In my collection I have also many slovene-
DMU's and EMU's they are homemade.

handmade Yugoslav locomotive for 342 jz yugoslavja express

PříspěvekNapsal: ned 29 dub, 2012 5:27 pm
od gomulka
greetings ago I presented my model of the Slovenian Railways homebuilt class sz 342 as said ... the true 'universal call with electricity from a locomotive railroad'' moped similar to class 362 - and there are eight units still in service' with the new livery of red-
After several changes of mind received a base resin having a Croatian friend
my railways have decided to build an electric locomotive ever be 342
But back to the times of yugoslavja together ...... after a job done with the help of
resin and details of brass and plastic and sister born jz 342 023 .. with klainmodellbahn traction system on four trucks .. yugolavja wanting to match the set ...
thanks to all my friends .....
express my homepage
Eisenbahnseite von Luka :mrgreen:
bye gomulka

fair, shows railways models - zagreb- croatia-2012

PříspěvekNapsal: ned 13 kvě, 2012 11:07 am
od gomulka
hallo...i send a small video and of the show models trains in zagreb 12 may 2012 - my model was the diesel loco slovenian railways sz 644 -
the video :mrgreen:

my hompage with many models and train

my new my model ho eletric locomotive class cfr 060 EA

PříspěvekNapsal: úte 22 kvě, 2012 12:55 pm
od gomulka
:D new pretty model ho eletric locomotive class 060 EA that came to border station near the state of serbia
we look also my serbian model ho class zs 444-
history of real locomotive-
Most of the electric locomotives employed by CFR were built by Electroputere Craiova (known as EA-type) and Rade Končar Zagreb (known as EC-type). All are built for standard gauge (1435 mm) and run using a catenary wire at 50 Hz 25 kV AC
real :shock:
thank for this video nonamedrummer2010
the video of my model :arrow:
my hompage with new models links and model shop with models est europe.....

railways shows Ljubljana -meeting railway club -italy-

PříspěvekNapsal: pon 28 kvě, 2012 4:57 pm
od gomulka
hallo i present this videoreport from railways shows Ljubljana into railways Museum in moduls and model Jesenice ...19-20-05-2012
and the meeting of the model railway club of central europe Trieste-italy-
the video :mrgreen:
my hompage with links and photos.....
bye gomulka........... :D

new available from memoba.atslovenian and yugoslav loco

PříspěvekNapsal: pon 11 čer, 2012 9:54 am
od gomulka
Hi good news for modelers seeking models yugoslav and Slovenes and was distributed by moko slovenja Austrian shop diesel locomotive series the 642-643-sz -and jz...
Moko ms229010 diesel locomotive JZ 643-025, performing more refined model, railings, handles and metal frame, interface, KKK, white / red LED lighting from June 1 green era IV € 189.90

Moko ms229012 diesel locomotive JZ 643-042, the best performance of the model, railings, handles and metal frame, interface, KKK, LED lighting, white / red, green IV was € 189.90

Moko ms230004 diesel locomotive SZ 642-199, performing more refined model, railings, door handles and dashboard metalloPort, KKK, LED lighting, white / red, green V was € 189.90

Luca's train page
my hompage with photos and models
my model in my layout .......slovenian version

bye....gomulka :mrgreen: